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November 08, 2007



Oh, oh, I love this! I hope is is the country Bobby Brown, too. That would be amazing!

Real Boston Fan

Chip Rives has no music credibility and is destroying one of our most valuable Boston music institutions. Since he bought the BMAs and NEMO from Candace a few years back the NEMO conference has gotten worse every year and was cancelled this year so he could "focus on the 20th BMAs" and Bobby Brown is what he has to show for all his time and attention.

Bobby Brown is a Boston music legend but where is the rest of New Edition? The Beatles were inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame then Lennon and McCartney individually not the other way around.

He also changed BMA rules so basically anyone who ever stayed overnight Boston is eligible for a BMA. Why are Augustana on the bill, because they say "Boston" in their song and it'll get a reaction at the show? How about giving the stage to a real Boston band?

BMA hall of fame never even existed, it was dirtywater's boston rock and roll hall of fame that previous acts were inducted into but he made promises to help them and then walked and created his own hall of fame.

Boston and its artists deserve better!

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Ryan Goodhue

Hey Guys,

I work for Ted Kurland Associates, a Jazz booking agency in Boston and am trying to promote three upcoming shows for one of our artists Julian Lage, set for next Thursday and Friday (March 26-27). It looks like you have a nice blog set up with lots of subscribers, so any info on the event that you could post would be greatly appreciated! Here's all the info on the event and on Julian.

Julian Lage, Gary Burton's latest guitar find, is coming to Club Passim for three concerts next week to showcase his debut solo release SOUNDING POINT on EmArcy.

Julian will be featuring tracks from the new album with his group: Tupac Mantilla (percussion), Jorge Roeder (bass), Aristides Rivas (cello) and Ben Roseth saxOne show on Thursday March 26 at 8:00pm and two shows on Friday, the 27th, at 7:00 & 10:00pm.

Gary's earlier guitar finds include Pat Metheny and Larry Coryell, so Julian is another one to watch.

Herbie Hancock noted: “Julian, you play with heart, mind and soul!” and Béla Fleck, who is featured on SOUNDING POINT, loves playing with Lage as: “[Julian] is one of the special ones!”

To listen to the album check out and for more information, check out julian's website:

For tickets to Club Passim:

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