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January 19, 2008



Well stated and I agree.


Well written review! I totally agree with you about the Beatles passage. I feel like the brevity of the book made for a quick read, though, which was nice. Paul McCartney's bio, for example, was so long and detailed I had a hard time staying interested. Maybe Clapton should have done a "part one" and "part two" or done something like Dylan with Chronicles. But who could mimic that forumala successfully!?

Anyway, I wrote a bit more glowing of a review of "Clapton" at You might have to scroll down a little to get to it. Check it out!


obviously, a review written by a guy who doesn;t know a lot about music.
Music is not quantifiable in words. One can argue about music theory and all that, but thats more the study of how vibrations in the air interact with each other, it has nothign to do with how people actually react to the music. So, complaining that EC can't elaborate on why certain musical chemistries work the way they do, and how music affects him is completely moot. If such things could be described in words, the music wouldn't exist, because it wouldn't be necessary. Music is a form of expression for when all other forms fail.

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