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February 03, 2009



I know and love Shepard. Shame on the people who critisize him. The President of the US is strongly considering helping the arts and artists because Shep has made people aware of important issues. Because I protested in favor of woman's and workers rights... Because I protested against war... am I a plagerist because someone else protested before I did. If your child draws a Unicorn, is he or she a plagerist because he or she copied a picture and put rainbows and stars on it. Love, as I do, or Hate and be Jealous as some do, but Shep's intentions are pure - to promote communication and discussion. Maybe if we did more of what Shep is promoting, then the world will be a better place. Peace, Love, Health and Happiness to all. Shep and Amanda may the Posse always be with you. Paul


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