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April 23, 2009


Charles Swift

Funny thing is, Boston already has an Edgar Allen Poe Square:

John Mc

Would that put it in that little park at Charles ST South & Fayette, now that broadway is gone??

Charles Swift

Yes, that's my best guess for where it would be today. Seems like a good spot for a little Poe memorial.


Poe despised Bostonians and made no attempt to hide his distain. I hardly think he would appreciate the honor from people he called "Frogpondians." Maybe the city could put up a plaque with one of his withering tirades about the Boston he hated so much.

Poe blogger from Boston

Hopefully, when Menino names the square, he'll spell Poe's name correctly. And, for readers of the recent New Yorker article, feel free to be skeptical; the Poe character the article describes is not the historical Poe (typical).

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