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September 21, 2009


Laurence Glavin

The WCRB tower is about 30 miles North by Northwest from Boston. Reception in parts of Boston itself is spotty (WGBH-FM even has to operate a separate signal at 96.3 to reach that portion of the market, and 89.7 is much closer and WAY more powerful than WCRB), not to mention the suburbs south and southwest of the City. Listeners there have difficulty picking up the Saturday night Boston Symphony broadcasts; wait till they can't get the Friday afternoon concerts.

Michael Lee

I hope they keep the WGBH music programming rather than WCRB's. WCRB was once a good classical station but in recent years their programming has been "dumbed down". They rarely play full length symphonies, just single movements and there is also very little chamber music.


This is an excellent move by WGBH. I hope they keep the WGBH programming between 9:00 am -4:00pm. WCRB is only a shell of what it once was, and has become an easy listening station. I don't know what they will do with two classical stations, but it can only be an improvement. I also enjoy WGBH HD2 all classical. They also have superior announcers. If this is a harbinger of what is to come, it can only be good. By the way, also check out WHRB 95.3 between 1:00pm-10:00pm, for some other good classical programming.


I agree with the previous commenters. The CRB station has been dumbed down to only "popular" classical music: no chamber, no choral, no quartets, no full-length symphonies, and annoying repeats. And the quality of the commercials on CRB is so poor and tasteless and so opposite of what you would think would be on a classical station. To be honest, any change will be better.

Perry G.  Phillips

WCRB had to do what was necessary to stay alive, hence the so-called “dumbing down.” It was a case of survival: load up on chorales, string quartets (or quintets, whatever), and chamber music—and die—or play the equivalent of the “classical top 40” and survive. They chose the latter, for which I am grateful. After all, WCRB does not have the option of public funding.

Concerning the announcers, I hope they keep the ones at WCRB—they are easier on my ears. As for their being annoying, I suspect the complaint is that they have to read commercials. Now they can hustle listeners for money, instead. Great improvement!


Will we hear more jazz? Maybe on an HD2 or HD3 station at 89.7 or 99.5?

hozeb myopticus

darn thing about WCRB being captured from scumass-in-the-morning station owners would be grate to reed, but the print is so small on your website, and then you waste big time whitespace on the left and the right. all yur reedrz must be yung kidz with good eyes.

quel dommage

hozeb myopticus

WCRB has been owned recently by the same folks that bring us the rabble rousing junk radio that Boston should be embarassed by.

We have a national disaster (well many more than just this) where corporate media is controlled by way too few who then make sure any REAL news will be hidden and you will get tittilating garbage to amuse you and keep you from finding out what current evil the ruling elite are now up to.

I think it is wonderful that WGBH is getting it, and maybe that can retrain (I'm NOT saying fire, as that is unnecessary) the full of her hollow self female announcer that makes me punch a different button on my car radio, or the male announcer that thinks Boston is baaaahston. I have no idea where he is from. It isn't a snotty prep school west of boston and it isn't east boston, either of which would be vastly better. I can't place it, but REALLY hate it.

In the good old days, RJLurtsema used to work for WCRB before he became a star at WGBH. Actually before that he announced from a station on Zion Mountain in Woburn.

I remember him in a big white Caddy in front of Club 47 in the early 60s when it was actually at 47 Mt Auburn ST. He had been an encyclopedia salesman for a while and had his harem all in the car including the unwed mother (R R S - for those that knew her) of a child of his.

At one point he was living on Prospect St between Hampshire and Broadway, and broke through into a plastered over space in the attic and found boxes of old hospital records (this place had been one of some sort), and in there was his OWN birth record!

Todays feckless announcers are simply not in the same class.

And then there was Bob Lucas at 104.1 on an upper floor on Newbury St near Nina Mack's family's Artisans shop. It was part of the QXR network and was a great classical station.

Any mainstream announcers read the peer reviewed paper on the necessary TONs of presumably PRE-APPLIED weapons grade material that brought all 3 WTC buildings down? (great stuff! comes in at 20 on a scale where C4 only hits 8 !!!) Or the LLNL paper on NANO Energetics given in Cambridge Nov 2003?

If so, I don't hear them discussing who the real culprits might be. Anything we were told officially is now pretty clearly pure horse exhaust.

Is this SO BIG we can't confront it as we watch our former democracy crumble as we twiddle our starbucks coffee stir-sticks?

Crazy kids smoking something with nutty conspiracy theories is NOW HARD SCIENCE. Those that don't seem to wake up are either involved or "convinced-they-are-right" (NLP brain zapped??) fools.

So we get a better music station, and our country swirls in the crapper. Remember, if you are not dizzy enough yet, to just reach up and keep yanking the flush lever.


I am very suspicious of this move. Now we will get shilled for money from not one but two stations.

And I am not so sure of this idea to bulk up WGBH with more news as I find the same stuff seems to get recycled over and over again.

What I really think is going on is that WGBH has decided that it needs to be a news and talk station to compete against WBUR. Since fewer and fewer people listen to classical music they probably figured that they can transfer that group to WCRB forcing them to join these new "support clubs" to maintain access to the channel.


Hozeb, you must use a different screen resolution than most folks? I've never had that complaint before. But if you want bigger type, hold down the Control key and hit the + key. _ JB

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