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September 21, 2009


Jane Thankful Smith

Mr. Jonathan Abbot, CEO
One Guest Street
Boston, Ma 02143

Dear Mr. Abbott:

The Reverend John B. Streit, Dean of the Cathedral of St. Paul, Tremont St., Boston, Massachusetts, has told us, his radio congretation, that this may be the next to last broadcast of the morning worship service at St. Paul's. I am writing to you to ask that you reconsider this decision. This has been a fixture in the lives of many of us in the radio audience for decades, and means a great deal to our spiritual lives. Its loss would, indeed, be great.

Please be assured that the program is not only for Episcopalians who cannot come to the Cathedral, but for thousands of Christians who receive spiritual sustenance from this beloved program. Again, please reconsider your decision to end broadcasting this valued program, and know that countless of your listeners would be most grateful if you would do so.

Most sincerely,
Jane Thankful Smith

Barry Pease

Mr. Jonathan Abbott
One Guest Street
Boston, Mass.02176

Dear Mr. Abbott,

For many years I've been listening to radio broadcasts from the Cathedral of St. Paul, Tremont Street, Boston Massachusetts. I've heard the program for well over ten years as I delivered newspapers from my car. This was my religious service for the week. Many of the ministers including the present minister John B. Streit Jr., Dean of the Cathedral, have given me religious, ethical and moral imperatives in my life and in return I can only thank you and them for airing this program. In short I think it would be tragic to lose such an important voice, musically and spiritually for many of your listeners. It is not necessarily the Episcopal message that enthralls me to the program but the reaching out to an audience that for what ever reason cannot attend church. I hope you reconsider the idea of canceling the program. I feel the program can benefit peoples of all faiths.

With love and peace,
Barry Douglas Pease

Mike Mikuski

I had high hopes for the repetition of selections to subside under the new ownership. Today I heard Till Eulenspiegel in the afternoon and again this evening.

Richard Mitnick

I just found you, I hope that I am not too late. I like the line "...vibrant classical music tradition of the Boston area,..."

Do you know that seven of the ten regular on-air hosts for WCRB/WGBH are actually Minnesota Public Radio people?

This probably means "Classical 24", pure pabulum, described by one noted Classical music critic as "musical wallpaper" designed not to intrude.

You can visit . You can see a list of on-air hosts and compare them to the hosts listed in the yellow section of the WCRB/WGBH weekly schedule for music.

MPR is being described around Boston as "a Minneapolis syndicate". Sort of sounds like "The Mob".

Boston is one of the great cultural meccas of the world. Boston listeners deserve better.

If you get bored, visit We have two 128kbit web streams, the traditional Classical music programming of the 105.9 FM station where we actually have live hosts, and Q2, the 24/7 eclectic serious music stream, which is not hosted.

Please visit my weblog, "Whither Public Radio and serious music" at

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