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October 10, 2011



But, 16 more episodes? Don't you think this finale, which I agree was stupendous, should have been the end of the whole series?


A lot of beautiful moments in last nights show but probably the highlight was how in the end it was all about chemistry and Walt's brilliant use of it (bombing and poisoning). After all that is the basis of the whole show. Brilliant!

Chasing Distractions

This episode blew me away last night - especially the end when they zoomed in on the plant. Regarding the pic - great find btw - never would have remembered that.

I kind of wish that this was the end - we don't really need a 5th season - in my books, it ended perfectly.


I dont agree that we don't need a 5th season. There are too many loose ends still. My favorite character has been Hal and I want.... need to know how things work out for him.


Agree entirely with your comments. Wow, was that good! This was one of the single best episodes of any television show, ever.

Not sure at all that I agree with "He thinks he has won, but the karma must come back to get him." That may be true, but who knows with this series? Maybe Walt will win again... and again.

I've been re-watching BB on Netflix streaming. This show has gotten progressively better with each year. After the first 2 season, I would *never* have put it in the class of "Sopranos", but it's now on a par ("The Wire" can't be topped).

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