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November 25, 2011


Erica Holthausen

For the first time in recent history, I'm glad I *don't* have an iPad! I could see spending hours and hours and hours playing this game.

Nike High Heels

Luke 21:29-33 - He told them a story. "Look at a fig tree. Any tree for that matter. When the leaves begin to show, one look tells you that summer is right around the corner. The same here—when you see these things happen, you know God's kingdom is about here. Don't brush this off: I'm not just saying this for some future generation, but for this one, too—these things will happen. Sky and earth will wear out; my words won't wear out."

uggs on sale

True love needs you to wait for it.Everybody can say that he/she loves you but not each of them can wait for you.

Elliptical reviews

No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.

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